TNM Backs Gold & Silver Money Bill

The latest in a series of legislative endorsements of the 2017 Texas legislative session, the Texas Nationalist Movement is pleased to give its support to Senate Bill 2097.

Introduced by Texas Senator Bob Hall, SB 2097 would (if passed) make gold and silver legal tender in the state of Texas. The bill limits authorization to certain designated coins of the fore-mentioned metals, but it also prohibits the currency from having extra fees or charges applied for its use, making it equal to accustomed U.S. tender.

Effectively, this bill would pose a formidable challenge to Fed control of the monetary system, much like the creation of a Texas gold depository, giving Texas an option of avoiding the harmful fiscal policies associated with Fed control and a shot at cracking its money-domination.

TNM President Daniel Miller, in a remark on the endorsement, said the following:

“We are excited to throw our support behind Senate Bill 2097. It is the perfect complement to the Texas Gold Depository Bill and will ensure that Texans who want to use “constitutional money” will have that right guaranteed under statute.”

SB 2097 is in keeping with spirit and mission of the TNM, and is a necessary step on the road to reclaiming Texas sovereignty, fiscal health, and independence.

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