TNM Kicks Off Candidate Endorsements For 2018

With the filing window closed for the 2018 election cycle, the Texas Nationalist Movement is launching its new candidate endorsement process.

In the past, the TNM has directly endorsed candidates in a very few instances. Instead, we have relied on candidates signing the “Texas Independence Pledge” which is something akin to the well-known “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”.

As of this election cycle, the TNM endorsement process will be conducted in stages. The first stage requires a candidate to fill out a survey. All survey responses will be made available to the members of the TNM. Next, all candidates will be fully vetted using standard vetting techniques as well as something brand new for this election cycle. Utilizing IBM’s Watson supercomputer, we will apply advanced data analytics to complete the candidate profiles. The final stage will see the candidates placed before our members and put to a vote. Candidates that win the support of the TNM members in their race, will receive the endorsement from the TNM.

The result is simple. The more a candidate, from whatever party and for whatever office, is aligned with the mission and values of the TNM and is engaged with our members, the higher the likelihood that they will receive the endorsement. TNM supporters will be looking at how committed a candidate is to acting on our mission and values and how averse they are to acting against them. That is why we are giving our members a “none of the above” option in the voting process.

What is at stake for these candidates is the support of one of the largest organizations in Texas.

TNM President Daniel Miller has this to say on the new process.

“We have enough support in every city, county, and district in Texas to make a difference in every election on the ballot. If a candidate wants the votes, volunteer hours, and financial contributions of our supporters, they will now have a chance to make their case. Endorsements are a serious matter for us. Because of the seriousness involved, we want to make sure that if we put the TNM seal on a candidate, that they are the appropriate standard-bearers for our mission and principles.” 

All candidates who have filed for this election cycle have been sent an invitation to participate.

You can learn more about the endorsement process at this link:

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