TNM Statement On Mueller’s Indictment And The Texas Connection

The following is a statement from TNM President Daniel Miller on today’s indictment by Robert Mueller related to involvement of a Texas-based organization in the Russia investigation.

Today’s indictments from Robert Mueller related to the Russia investigation are not surprising. While the TNM has fielded media reports for months related to this issue, we have been absolutely transparent on this matter and maintain that our organization had no knowledge of nor any involvement with the Russian-led efforts to influence the 2016 General Election. However, the Mueller indictment cites an example of a “Texas-based grassroots organization” who were contacted for the purpose of gathering intelligence for the Russian operation. The vague reference in the indictment has led some to believe that Mueller’s statement is a reference to us. I am calling on Mueller and the Department of Justice to specifically name the the individual and the organization referenced in the indictment. Vague accusations of this nature are harmful to the TNM and all Texas-based organizations who are engaged in the political process and can only serve to further erode the credibility of the Department of Justice and the Russia probe.

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