The Media’s TEXIT Smear Campaign FAILED!

Welcome to the Texas News Podcast, where we dive into all things Texas politics and the future of independence in the state of Texas. It is all gravy on today’s show as we discuss Texas’s primary election results and the victories of many Texas First Pledge signers. Let’s just say that some in the mainstream media are crying in their beer from our success and their failure to dissuade voters. So much so that we’re seeing stories daily on the TEXIT movement, whether it’s from Newsweek, the Economist, or even the Dallas Morning News.

We also examine Governor Greg Abbott’s interview with 60 Minutes, where he was asked point-blank whether or not he believes that Texas has the right to secede. If a media institution like 60 Minutes asks Abbott about Texas independence, then we know our voices are being heard and this issue is not going away anytime soon. With the momentum that we have and the rationale of the federal failure across everything, TEXIT has never been more of a reality.

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