TNM’s Governor’s Race Virtual Town Hall Adds Huffines

The Texas Nationalist Movement’s virtual town hall for the Governor’s race has now confirmed three of Governor Greg Abbott’s challengers.

As of today, Lt. Col. Allen West, Chad Prather, and Don Huffines have confirmed their participation in the event. Governor Greg Abbott has been the only candidate, thus far, to decline.

The virtual town hall will be held on November 7th from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm and will be streamed live across multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Rumble, and the TNM’s soon-to-be-released Roku channel.

The format will be the same as an in-person town hall. Each candidate will be given time for opening and closing statements. There will be questions posed to each candidate based on positions publicly taken by one or more of the candidates. The questions will center around critical policies that affect Texans and will deal with one or more of the core issues important to our supporters. Additionally, we will take questions submitted by viewers in real-time.

The Virtual Town Hall will be hosted and moderated by the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller.

Miller remarked:

“This town hall will be an opportunity for the people of Texas to meet the candidates and determine which one aligns best with the mission and principles of the TNM specifically, and Texans as a whole in general. Ultimately, the TNM wants to consolidate its support behind a single candidate for this office, and this event will definitely impact our decision.”

The TNM has been made aware of another candidate who has entered the Governor’s race and will be looking at the possibility of adding him to the event.

The TNM plans to hold additional candidate town halls after the primaries that will include third-party and independent candidates.

Attendees who wish to participate in the virtual town hall are encouraged to RSVP at this link for event updates:

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