Withdrawing from the Political Club

In the latest TNM outreach effort, our own president, Daniel Miller, engages in an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion with Matt Christiansen. The conversation focuses on the underlying ideology of the Texas Nationalist Movement and probes deeper into our mission.

Miller presents our cause with clarity and candor in this conversation, explaining that what the TNM advocates for is essentially a simple concept, “It’s nothing more than withdrawing our membership from this political club.” This analogy perfectly encapsulates our primary goal – to rethink Texas’s relationship with the federal government and consider the benefits and practicality of going it alone.

The dialogue with Christiansen delves into various aspects of this goal, from the rationale behind the TNM’s drive for Texas independence to the potential challenges and opportunities that may surface along the journey. This conversation is a must-watch for everyone interested or invested in the future of Texas — be they longstanding advocates or those who are just beginning to contemplate the concept of national sovereignty.

What this discussion emphasizes, above all, is our unwavering dedication to the democratic process. The TNM is committed to providing a platform for genuine conversation, debate, and ultimately, the determination of Texas’s national destiny — a decision that lies rightfully in the hands of the Texan people.

In this exchange with Christiansen, Miller does a commendable job of distilling complex, oft-controversial ideas into a form comprehendible by the masses. This discourse serves to allay misconceptions, encourage open-ended queries, and inspire everyone to consider the alternatives we have as Texans and the future we envisage for our land and people.

Whether you tune in as a nationalist, a skeptic, or an interested observer, this discussion promises to provide valuable insights and stimulate your thinking about Texas, its potential, and its future on the global stage. The mission of the Texas Nationalist Movement is resolute and forward-thinking. Be part of the conversation, embrace the discourse, and together, let’s think about our place in today’s interconnected world.

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