A Statement On The Election

I cannot ever possibly express an adequate level of gratitude to those who poured their work and spirit into our campaign to win the race for Lieutenant Governor. As I said the night before election day, this was and will always be about more than a single election for a single office.

I believe that there are only two things in this world that you can control – your attitude and your effort. Those of us who worked the campaign did so with an attitude that proves we love Texas and put in a level of effort that is unmatched by any campaign anywhere.

Our fight is never over. As long as Texas is under threat and Texans do not enjoy the right of self-government, we will never concede. I began today, Texas Independence Day, as I have every day since August 24, 1996 – fighting for Texas and fighting for you.

Some battles are the Alamo. Some are San Jacinto. While March 1st was our Alamo, we will absolutely have our San Jacinto.

I encourage those of you who still have the fire and passion to see Texas become free and independent to join us in the TNM (tnm.me/join) and fight on until we win.

Additionally, I’ve been bombarded with messages about 2026. I’m flattered and will, as always, take the input and consider it. In the meantime, we have a country to save.

We are a family. We are Texians. Let’s go win!

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