Border Buoys Reveal Truth About The Border Crisis

The recent diplomatic complaint filed by the Mexican government over Texas’ deployment of buoys on the Texas-Mexico border has brought a new dimension to the ongoing border crisis. The buoys, part of Governor Abbott’s initiative to prevent illegal border crossings, have been criticized as a violation of water treaties between the U.S. and Mexico. However, the real issue goes far beyond a dispute over water rights.

Governor Abbott’s buoy “plan” is a far cry from the decisive action needed to address the border crisis. It’s a half-measure that falls short of treating the situation for what it truly is: an invasion. The continuous flow of illegal immigrants into Texas needs to be repelled with the same urgency and determination as any other threat to our sovereignty.

However, the lawsuit filed by Mexico reveals a startling truth. While the buoys may not have the impact claimed in the lawsuit, Mexico’s reaction exposes their vested interest in the continued flow of illegal immigrants into Texas. This lawsuit is not about water rights; it’s about maintaining a status quo that benefits those who profit from this crisis.

What we are witnessing is the public unveiling of a disturbing partnership. The cartels, the Mexican government, and the federal government appear to be working in concert to destabilize the Texas border and, by extension, Texas itself. This is not a mere border dispute; it’s a coordinated effort to undermine our state’s security and sovereignty.

In the face of this revelation, Texas must stand firm. We will not be swayed by diplomatic complaints or international pressure. Our commitment to secure our borders and protect our citizens remains unwavering. We will continue to fight for the sovereignty and security of Texas, no matter the opposition.

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