Cancel Culture Is Gunning For Me On Wikipedia

It took 25 years of service to Texas to finally get an entry on Wikipedia. It only took 6 hours for the cancel culture mafia to attempt to have the entry removed.

While I’ve often used Wikipedia, I’ve never been particularly driven to have my own entry. Apparently, someone decided after working for Texas independence for 25 years, being interviewed by countless media outlets, speaking at over 1,000 events over the years, and being mentioned in other Wikipedia entries that it was time for my own standalone entry.

Six hours later, the witless wonders and cancel culture champions initiated the process of having the entry removed.

While it’s frustrating to have to battle the mini-Stalins of the world merely for the right to be heard, it is the surest sign that we are winning. It leaves no doubt that they view our work as a legitimate threat to their attempts to shackle us with their neo-Marxist ideology. Their only hope to beat us is to silence us. As long as we’re inspiring other Texans and freedom-loving people around the world to reclaim their right of self-government and make a stand for liberty, they will lose.

One thing is sure – the progressives and political establishment are clearly concerned that I will be the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas. My candidacy has driven them into a panic like no other.

Whether they ultimately have my entry removed from Wikipedia or not is irrelevant. They have clearly shown us that we can and are winning.

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