Dan Patrick Claims Texas Was Not “Locked Down”

Current Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is either living in fantasy land or hopes that you forget the last two years.

On a post-rally wrap-up interview with Newsmax TV in Conroe on Saturday, Dan Patrick claimed that Texas did not lockdown during the COVID outbreak. This assertion lit up social media as people who were affected by the closure of churches, businesses, and schools expressed their outrage at Patrick’s retroactive reimagining of recent history.

Texans remember that pastors and business owners were threatened with fines, arrests, and suspension of their business licenses if they disobeyed the Fauci/Abbott lockdowns. We also remember that as our constitutional rights were stripped, Patrick didn’t utter a word of protest, often joining Abbott’s press conferences in a show of solidarity.

The people of Texas need a new Lieutenant Governor who will be strong in the face of encroachments to our liberty and repel the onslaught of unconstitutional mandates from the federal government. We don’t need a Lieutenant Governor who will lie to us and hope we don’t remember the role he played in upending our lives and economy.

This is why we need Daniel Miller for Lieutenant Governor more than ever.

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