Dan Patrick Profited From Vaccine Mandates

When you were being threatened with losing your job if you didn’t take the COVID vaccine, Dan Patrick was laughing all the way to the bank.

As reported in this article, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was an owner of Pfizer stock at the very moment the Texas Legislature was debating whether to ban vaccine mandates in Texas during last summer’s special sessions. According to Mr. Patrick’s financial disclosure statements filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, he owed up to 499 shares as he let the critical legislation die. As documented in the article, Lt. Gov. Patrick potentially has made a 100% return on his investment.

A statement from Daniel Miller:

“Mr. Patrick’s ownership of Pfizer stock unfortunately leads one to think that the killing of SB51 could have been due to a conflict of interest. I can assure you that there shall be no hint of such conflicts if I’m elected, impacting the path and passage of any legislation filed in the Texas Senate.”

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