Daniel Miller Challenges Dan Patrick To A Public Debate

Will he or won’t he?

During a recent interview on Right Side of Mic hosted by Doc Greene, Daniel Miller challenged Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to a public debate. Citing Patrick’s lack of willingness to attend any of the dozens of candidate forums, Daniel openly challenged Patrick to stand in front of the voters and defend his record. You can listen to the challenge below. If you believe that Dan Patrick should face Daniel Miller in a public debate, here are some ways you can be heard.

  • Social Media – Share this post. Tweet @DanPatrick and tell him to answer the challenge. Comment on all of Dan Patrick’s Facebook posts and demand that he answer the challenge.
  • Talk Radio – If you are a talk radio listener, call in to every show and let the host know that you want Dan Patrick to face Daniel Miller and the voters in a public debate.
  • Letters to the Editor – Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper and let the public know you want to see Daniel Miller go head-to-head with Dan Patrick.
  • Download and Share This Video – Our Lt. Governor is missing. Do your part to help find him by downloading and sharing this video via text message, social media, and email.

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