I Have Signed The Education Freedom Pledge

Parents should always be the primary stakeholders of their children’s education.

There are forces at the federal, state, and local levels who believe that school-age children no longer belong to their parents. Parents are being treated like criminals for objecting to radical and obscene material being forced on their children. Bureaucrats are using the government to socially engineer our children.

Rather than engaging in a “general diffusion of knowledge” to preserve the liberties and rights of the people, the focus has shifted turning our classrooms from places where our children learn to places where they are told what they are allowed to think.

The battle is raging for control of the next generation of Texans and it’s a battle that we must win.

That is why I have signed the Education Freedom Pledge.

“I pledge to support policies that promote parental rights in education and educational freedom. This includes the right of parents to voice their opinions at school board meetings and to take their children’s taxpayer-funded education dollars to the education providers of their choosing – whether it be a public, private, charter, or home school.”

Education Freedom Pledge

It’s time to put control of our children’s education back in the hands of parents and to stop treating them like criminals when they have concerns. We must refocus Texas education on the knowledge and skills that our children need to prosper, give parents real choices when their children aren’t being taught properly, and hold those accountable who would seek to use our schools for their own twisted political ends. As Lieutenant Governor, I pledge to do just that.

Join the campaign! https://danielomiller.com/vote

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