KHOU Pushes Fake News For Dan Patrick

KHOU news is lying to Texas voters about the Lieutenant Governor’s race. They need to make it right.

On January 14th, KHOU news in Houston published an article highlighting the candidates for various statewide offices. The article titled “Here’s your Texas 2022 March primary ballot” purports to list all of the candidates that will appear on the primary ballot on March 1st. However, the article left readers with the idea that Dan Patrick is unchallenged in the Republican Primary.

** UPDATE ** Thanks to your calls and emails, KHOU has updated the article with images of all the candidates on the primary ballot. While they haven’t updated the original language, they have at least now indicated that Dan Patrick is opposed. Thank you!

The section about the Lieutenant Governor’s race (below) lists NO OPPONENTS for Dan Patrick.

It’s no secret that our candidacy has Patrick’s camp in full panic mode. Dan Patrick is in trouble. For an alleged news outlet to make such a glaring omission is purposeful and betrays such a bias that Dan Patrick should have to report the article as an in-kind campaign contribution.

KHOU should immediately correct their article and apologize for lying to Texas voters.

We are encouraging everyone to call KHOU and demand a correction to the story. Call the KHOU newsroom (713-521-4388) and demand that they list Daniel Miller as Patrick’s challenger in the Republican Primary.

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