Our Campaign Receives MAJOR Conservative Endorsement

Daniel Miller’s campaign to become the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas just received a stunning endorsement from one of the most influential grassroots conservative organizations in Texas. Dan Patrick should be very worried.

In 2014, the major statewide conservative organization Grassroots America – We The People (GAWTP) endorsed Dan Patrick in his bid to become Lieutenant Governor. At that time, Patrick seemed to care about conservatives outside of the Austin echo chamber, going so far as to appoint JoAnn Fleming from GAWTP to his “Grassroots Advisory Board” along with other prominent conservative grassroots activists. However, the longer Patrick was in office the more he turned a deaf ear to the people who put him in office.

Over the years, GAWTP has publicly held Dan Patrick accountable for his repeated failures to secure common sense, conservative priorities. Now, his inaction and disdain for the grassroots who helped him become Lieutenant Governor have come to roost as GAWTP has issued a strong endorsement of our campaign.

“Best known for TEXIT, Daniel Miller is no one-trick pony.  He is particularly an outspoken proponent of eliminating property taxes and exhibits a deep knowledge on a wide array of legislative and public policy issues. He understands accounting gimmicks employed to balance the state budget, the growing state debt, and how and why the state budget is purposefully convoluted. Daniel has practical solutions on how to push for real cuts in state spending by eliminating overlapping, duplicated state departments, agencies, and programs and by conducting a “core function” test on state government to stop spending on programs and corporate welfare not defined in our state constitution.  Daniel Miller has a solid working knowledge on Cultural Marxism, the dangers of social emotional learning pushed in public schools, the dangers to parental rights and children posed by state mental health policies, our unsecured border, legislative failures on election integrity and ballot security, imperiled states’ rights, how AOC green energy is at work in Texas, and the dangers to liberty from government overreach coming from the Governor’s Office and Washington DC.”

Grassroots America – We The People PAC

This represents yet another major defection by those who supported Dan Patrick’s rise to Daniel Miller’s campaign to become Lieutenant Governor, joining Dr. Steven Hotze, Conservative Republicans of Texas, Katy Christian Magazine, and many other conservative activists and organizations.

Daniel Miller strongly thanked the team at Grassroots America – We The People.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of an organization that has been fighting for years to advance conservative principles in Texas and repel the attempts by a disconnected political establishment to distort Texas into something that none of us recognize. I pledge to you that I will honor your faith and confidence in me and restore the people back to our capitol in Austin.”

Daniel Miller

It is more important than ever for Texans to follow the lead of these great leaders, patriots, and organizations and support our campaign. It is a battle between the people and the political class and we must win.

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