District Field Captain

Help us win by leading campaign efforts in your House District.

About You

As a field captain, you are the leader and the face of the campaign and candidate in your home state house district. You are the campaign spokesperson, manager, and local chief executive. You are the hub – the point of contact, communications, and direction.

Your immediate campaign upline supervisor will be the DMC Field Director who serves under the DMC Campaign Manager.

About Our Campaign

The Daniel Miller Campaign (DMC) of 2022 is organized by Texas state house districts. The campaign’s competitive advantage is the number of volunteers available for deployment because of the strength of the Texas Nationalist Movement. The incumbent and challenger candidates will be overwhelmed and defeated by the power of the DMC ground game and the ability to achieve dominant face-to-face engagement with voters in every region of the state. Our goal is to directly touch more voters than the competition.

As a District Field Captain you will...

  • Attend weekly organizing meetings, digitally.
  • Maintain a calendar of local political events.
  • Marshall volunteers for blockwalking, phone banking, voter engagement at in-district events, and fundraising.
  • Distribute campaign materials including push cards, door hangers, yard signs, and 4’x8’ posters.
  • Collect voter information such as name, email address, and mobile phone number.
  • Organize volunteers for poll working during early voting and election day within your home house district.
  • Maintain a tally of confirmed Daniel Miller voters.
  • Spearhead the GOTV operation within your house district.
  • Monitor your local media for news impacting DMC2022.
  • Collect intelligence and report on opposing campaign operations and candidates.

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