Supreme Court Ruling: A Betrayal to Texans and a Boon for Cartels

In a recent ruling that has left many Texans outraged, the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by Texas against the Biden Administration’s immigration deportation policy. The lawsuit challenged a policy that prioritized some illegal aliens for deportation over others. The Supreme Court ruled that Texas did not have standing to challenge this policy, thereby reinstating the Biden Administration’s directive.

The Ruling: A Green Light for Cartels

This ruling is not just a legal defeat for Texas; it is a betrayal to every Texan who has been calling for stronger border security. More than that, it is a victory for the cartels who are now empowered to continue their illegal activities along the border, including violence, human trafficking, and sex trafficking.

The Biden Administration’s policy essentially gives a free pass to illegal aliens who do not pose an immediate threat to national security or public safety. This is a gross misinterpretation of our immigration laws and a blatant disregard for the rule of law. It also completely overlooks the fact that by allowing these illegal aliens to remain in the country, the federal government is indirectly aiding and abetting the cartels.

The Federal Government: Complicit in the Crisis

By dismissing Texas’ lawsuit, the Supreme Court has effectively endorsed the federal government’s complicity in the border crisis. The federal government’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and secure the border has created a vacuum that the cartels are only too happy to fill. The result is a crisis that is spiraling out of control, with the federal government looking the other way.

The TEXIT Imperative

This ruling underscores the urgent need for Texas to take control of its own destiny. The federal government’s disregard for the security concerns of Texans and the sovereignty of our state makes the case for Texas Independence, or TEXIT, even stronger.

With TEXIT, Texas would have the power to enforce its own immigration laws and secure its borders. We would no longer be at the mercy of the federal government’s misguided policies and the Supreme Court’s dismissive rulings. More importantly, we would be able to take decisive action against the cartels and put an end to the border crisis.

In conclusion, the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss Texas’ lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s immigration policy is a stark reminder of the federal government’s misplaced priorities and disregard for the rule of law. It is time for Texas to take a stand and fight for its rights and the security of its citizens. And with TEXIT, we can ensure that our resources are used to address the issues that matter most to Texans.

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