Texas GOP Adopts TNM-Led Measure to Ban Out-of-State Campaign Contributions

Texas GOP Secures Election Integrity by Banning Out-of-State ContributionsIn another win for the Texas Nationalist Movement at the 2024 Texas Republican State Convention, delegates ratified a measure to reinforce state sovereignty and safeguard the sanctity of Texas elections.

Plank 202, a resolution presented by the TNM-affiliated delegates at the county and Senate District Republican conventions, calls for legislation prohibiting campaign contributions and expenditures from out-of-state sources in non-federal elections. The TNM originally proposed this initiative in 2018, marking a significant step in ensuring that Texas elections remain free from external influence.

Guarding the Integrity of Texas Elections

Plank 202 demands that the State of Texas enact legislation to ban campaign contributions and expenditures from outside the state. The plank states:

“However, the State of Texas should pass legislation for non-federal elections which bans campaign contributions and expenditures that originate from outside the State of Texas, including those by individuals, organizations, and political action committees, and including those on any questions, propositions, and amendments on any ballots.”

This measure aims to prevent billions of dollars from out-of-state donors from flooding Texas campaign coffers, potentially swaying the outcome of critical local issues, including the movement for Texas independence, or TEXIT.

Asserting State Sovereignty

The TNM introduced this concept in 2018 as part of its 2019 Legislative Priorities. The movement emphasizes that state sovereignty is paramount and that Texas elections should reflect the will of Texans, free from external entities’ influence. The TNM maintains that just as Texas does not permit foreign nations like China, Russia, or Mexico to finance its political campaigns, it should also resist the influence of states like California and New York, as well as powerful lobbyists from Washington, D.C.

Daniel Miller, President of the TNM, stated, “We must ensure that the voices of Texans are not drowned out by the financial power of out-of-state interests. This is about protecting our state’s sovereignty and ensuring that our elections reflect the true will of the people of Texas.”

Moving Forward

With Plank 202 now part of the Republican Party of Texas platform, the next step involves legislative action to implement these changes. The proposed ban on out-of-state contributions will likely be a focal point of debate in the forthcoming legislative session.

As Texas moves forward with this initiative, the dedication to protecting state sovereignty highlights a broader vision of empowering Texans and maintaining the integrity of the state’s political process. This proactive approach by the GOP and the TNM underscores a commitment to upholding the values that Texas holds dear, ensuring that its elections represent the will of its people, untainted by external influences.

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