TEXIT Set To Take The Stage at FreedomFest 2023

The Texas Nationalist Movement is set to make its presence known at FreedomFest 2023, a prestigious gathering for free minds from around the globe. Taking place this year in Memphis, FreedomFest provides a platform for those dedicated to liberty, self-determination, and free-market principles. This participation cements the Texas independence movement’s place at the forefront of the conversation on self-determination, asserting our influence and commitment to the cause.

FreedomFest, known as the “world’s largest gathering of free minds,” draws a diverse range of participants, from thought-leaders and influencers to policymakers and liberty-enthusiasts. The festival serves as a vibrant marketplace of ideas, discussing and celebrating freedom in all its forms across politics, economics, science, philosophy, and art. The TNM’s involvement reflects the importance and appeal of the Texas independence message, further propelling the TEXIT cause into the national dialogue.

TNM President Daniel Miller will take center stage at this prestigious event, presenting during the General Session on Friday, July 14. His presentation, “One Star, One Destiny: TEXIT and the Resurgence of American Self-Determination,” promises to deliver a compelling argument for Texas independence, outlining its significance for the broader resurgence of American self-determination.

The conversation continues on Saturday, July 15, in a panel discussion titled “Unleashing Liberty: How Independence Movements are the Viable Path to Restoring Freedom.” This panel, which includes TNM’s own Daniel Miller and Nate Smith, along with Stephen Villee, founder of the Club 75 Alliance, offers a deeper exploration into the role of independence movements, like TEXIT, in the quest for liberty and freedom.

Beyond the speaking engagements, the TNM will also be in the exhibitors’ hall to engage with attendees, enhance awareness about the progress of the TEXIT movement, and share the TNM’s mission to secure and protect the political, cultural, and economic independence of Texas.

Adding a personal touch to the proceedings, Miller will be available on Thursday and Friday to sign copies of his best-selling book, “TEXIT: Why And How Texas Will Leave The Union.” This offers attendees a unique chance to meet the driving force behind the TEXIT movement and gain first-hand insights into the journey towards Texas independence.

FreedomFest 2023 promises to be a landmark event for the TNM and the TEXIT movement. With its focus on liberty and self-determination, the festival provides the perfect backdrop for the TNM to amplify its message and garner more support for a free and independent Texas. The future of Texas is being written, and the Texas Nationalist Movement is leading the narrative.

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