The Establishment is LYING About Pro-TEXIT Candidates

Welcome back to the Texas News Podcast, where we dive into all things Texas politics and the future of independence in the state of Texas. On today’s show, we’re going to be discussing the campaign shenanigans against Texas First pledge signers. The political establishment is doing everything it possibly can to defeat pro-Texan candidates. But first, we announce the TNM’s brand-new online response corps. If you want to help us wage the war against misinformation, head over to and sign up today.

Then, we briefly discuss the wildfires that are happening in the Panhandle. Our hearts go out to every one of our Texans who are up there dealing with this nightmare scenario. Also, on today’s podcast, we’re going to talk to one of those Pro-Texan candidates: Cody Clark. You might remember his story from a recent episode, but Cody gives us his unique perspective on how he was canceled by one of the biggest newspapers in Texas and still landed on his feet. This is a jam-packed episode that you won’t want to miss.

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