The Miller Effect: How Sid Miller’s Stand Bolsters TEXIT

In the political landscape of Texas, few figures command the same respect and attention as Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. A stalwart defender of Texas values, Miller’s recent declaration on Twitter sends a clear message to those who merely pay lip service to the principles that define our great state. His words, “If you’re a RINO, you don’t want me in your district come primary season,” are not just a warning, but a rallying cry for those who believe in a Texas governed by Texans, for Texans.

The Power of the Ballot Box

Miller’s electoral performance in 2022 was nothing short of impressive. Garnering more votes than Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, or Attorney General Ken Paxton, Miller has proven that his message resonates with the people of Texas. His success at the ballot box is a testament to his commitment to Texas and a clear indication of the growing desire among Texans for representatives who truly put Texas first.

The Texas First Pledge: A Commitment to Texans

Miller’s commitment to Texas extends beyond his words. By signing the Texas Nationalist Movement’s Texas First Pledge, Miller has made a solemn promise to act in the best interests of Texans and Texans alone. This pledge, a cornerstone of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s mission, is a beacon for those who believe in the principles of Texas Independence.

The Implications: A Turning Tide

Miller’s stance has far-reaching implications for the future of Texas. His unwavering commitment to Texas values and his willingness to challenge those who fail to uphold these values could significantly alter the political landscape. His support for the Texas First Pledge could inspire other elected officials to make a similar commitment, strengthening the push for Texas Independence.

Miller’s message to RINOs is clear: the time for empty rhetoric is over. The people of Texas demand representatives who will put Texas first, and they will not hesitate to make their voices heard in the upcoming primaries.

The Road Ahead

As we look to the future, we are heartened by the growing support for TEXIT and the Texas Nationalist Movement. Sid Miller’s commitment to Texas values and his willingness to challenge the status quo are a testament to the strength of our cause. His support for the Texas First Pledge is a powerful endorsement of our mission to install unapologetic Texas First representatives at every level of government.

Ultimately, the road to Texas Independence is paved with the actions of committed individuals like Sid Miller. His unwavering dedication to Texas and his willingness to challenge those who fail to uphold Texas values are a beacon for all who believe in the principles of TEXIT. As we move forward, we are confident that more elected officials will follow in Miller’s footsteps, committing themselves to the cause of Texas Independence and the people they were elected to serve.

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