Two Clear Winners Dominate Cooke County Conservatives Straw Poll – Daniel Miller and TEXIT

Cooke County Conservatives held a candidate forum for the Lieutenant Governor candidates, including a straw poll. The voters of Cooke County have spoken.

On January 17th, Cooke County Conservatives held a candidate forum for the Lt. Governor’s race. After the forum, the organization conducted a straw poll that asked attendees their preferences for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and TEXIT.

Gubernatorial candidate Allen West led the pack of candidates with 56%. Daniel Miller was the clear favorite for Lieutenant Governor with 47% of the vote. However, the organization asked attendees to sound off on their support for TEXIT. Gaining a higher percentage than any candidate with 78%, Cooke County is clearly TEXIT country.

These results echo sentiment around Texas, showing that voters want an alternative to Dan Patrick and Daniel Miller is their pick.

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