Watch Daniel Miller’s Interview on the Chad Prather Show

Daniel Miller was a guest on the Chad Prather Show where they talked about Texas, #TEXIT, and why the federal government cannot be fixed.

You can watch the full episode below.

Let’s get serious and discuss TEXIT. If Texas leaves the union, can America still have true freedom? Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, joins Chad Prather to discuss TEXIT and the current political climate. He is the head of one of the largest and most influential political organizations in Texas and author of “TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union.” In this book he discusses how our relationship with the federal government is like having a Hurricane Harvey hit Texas every nine months, how much Texas actually relies on federal money, how TEXIT could increase your take-home pay by 600%, what and who are standing in the way of TEXIT, why fixing the federal government and “draining the swamp” are now impossible, and the shocking polling data showing massive support for TEXIT. Can America survive without Texas?

The Chad Prather Show

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