I Stand with Representative Bryan Slaton and His “DEFEND THE TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD ACT”

State Rep. Bryan Slaton has once again demonstrated that a courageous stand can be made by simply advocating for a commonsense Texans-first policy that aligns with constitutional mandates.

As a candidate for Texas Lt. Governor, I support Bryan’s refiling of the Defend The Texas National Guard Act in the 88th Legislature and if elected I pledge to work with him to see it become Texas law.  

Texans become frustrated with the neverending deployments of our Texas National Guardsman to defend the territorial integrity of other nation-states while bound to feckless orders when it comes to protecting the Texas southern border.  Our national guardsmen serve under the jeopardy of being subject to their federalization at the whim of Washington war hawks.

My border security plan, the most aggressive of any candidate running for office in Texas, calls for the deployment of the Texas State Guard to the Rio Grande to finally terminate the border invasion. The primary reason for this strategy is because our Texas State Guard, our Texas military, cannot be federalized and would be singularly focused on protecting sovereign Texas soil and thwarting the threat of Mexican terrorist cartels.

It will be an honor working with Bryan on national defense challenges.  

View Representative Slaton’s social media post about the legislation below.

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