Secure The Border

We will secure the border. No exceptions. No excuses.


Our border with Mexico is in crisis.

The dirty secret is that it’s been in a state of crisis for 20 years. Establishment politicians have gotten campaign cash and votes by promising to fix the border crisis but have done little more than waste taxpayer money on elaborate photo ops designed to give the illusion that they are taking action. They have failed.

Our current Lieutenant Governor has used “securing the border” as a campaign promise for over a decade. It’s time for promises to become results and take tough action to secure our border once and for all. We need a Lieutenant Governor who is not afraid to stand up for the security of Texans and directly challenge the federal government on the border crisis.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will:

  • Advance legislation that will fully militarize the Texas State Guard, open and prioritize enlistment to prior active duty combat veterans, and deploy them as a border security force until more permanent measures can be implemented. Unlike the National Guard, the Texas State Guard cannot be federalized and are directly and solely under the command of the Governor acting as Commander-In-Chief.
  • Advance legislation that will designate Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, freeze and seize their assets and the assets of anyone who gives material support and aid to their human and sex trafficking operations, and arrest anyone who give aid to these criminals.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will:

  • In addition, until the Mexican government can get their side of the border under control, we must pass a law to tax all financial remittances to Mexico to offset the additional financial burden that the border crisis has placed on Texas taxpayers.
  • End in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens.
  • Stop all tax-payer funded benefits for those who are here illegally.


I am running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas. With your vote we can win. Will you pledge your support today?

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