Why The Lt. Governor’s Race Matters If You Are For #AnyoneButAbbott

There is an uprising in the Texas electorate committed to replacing Greg Abbott as Governor of Texas and it appears to be on track to do it. However, replacing Abbott yields little benefit if Dan Patrick remains as Lieutenant Governor.

At candidate forums all over Texas, I have been asked which of Abbott’s challengers I could work best when elected as Lieutenant Governor. While we all share a large degree of policy alignment, I use the opportunity to remind people that focusing solely on the Governor’s race and not putting the same effort into replacing the President of the Senate means that the benefits of replacing Abbott become much harder to realize.

Think about this. West, Huffines, or Prather become your next Governor. All have promised an aggressive approach to border security, immigration, education, mandates, property taxes, and more. However, most of those campaign promises require legislative support. Now, imagine the difficulty in implementing those policies with Dan Patrick as Lieutenant Governor.

We know that Dan Patrick has been timid when it comes to pushing back against the federal government which many of those plans and policies require. We know that Dan Patrick prioritizes the wishes of large-dollar political donors over the voice of the voters who put him in office. We know that Dan Patrick has designs on becoming Governor one day and is not above sabotaging West, Prather, or Huffines to set himself up for a run in 2026.

As an alternative, imagine West, Prather, or Huffines as Governor and me as your Lieutenant Governor. I share their passion to secure the border, disincentivize illegal immigration, give parents the ultimate authority in what and where their children are taught. Just like these three, I am committed to bringing an end to the immoral property tax and giving Texans an up-or-down vote on Texas independence.

The truth is that if you want Abbott replaced, you MUST replace Patrick or it’s all for nothing. Before I even decided to run for Lieutenant Governor, I told overflow crowds all over Texas that we needed a change from “the statehouse to the schoolhouse” if we wanted to restore the people back to their rightful place as masters of their government. This is why I will personally be making most of my picks on the ballot from those who signed the TEXAS FIRST Pledge.

This is also why I am asking for your support and your vote to become your next Lieutenant Governor. If you are #AnyoneButAbbott, you should join us in our movement to #DumpDanPatrick.

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